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Dearest Diary,

Song of the day: The Kooks - Down 

Today I am mainly: Keeping up my diet and drooling over spring gym wears!

Spring is here (well kinda) and if there's any way to put a 'spring' back in to your step and work out (grim i know lol) it's with some sexy new gym wear! check out my wish list.....

Spring Colours are taking over the gym floor. All Above found at nike.com


Bit i still can't do with out some black lol 
Find the above at JD Sports

'Sweat it' legging's from Sweat the Style


Check out www.stylerunner.com for more unusual brands like Lorna Jane

Treated myself to these Nike Roshe Run Trainers in Paris.... now you can Nike ID them, ekks!!! 

Happy Shopping People

Dearest Diary,

Song of the day: Beyonce - Partition  (so super jealous of anyone who got to see her live)

Today I am mainly: Contemplating life and diets

Zoe J and The Bi Polar Diet

If you have been reading this blog then you have probably grasped that myself,Jenny and Laurina are 3 best chums, and what i think makes us such good friends is that we are exactly the same in some ways but yet TOTALLY different in other ways, and i would say when it comes to the subject of food myself and Jen defiantly differ on!

When it comes to hitting the gym Jenny and i are equally enthusiastic about pumping RON (which disgusted Laurina for years until we converted her recently) but when it comes to eating ultra healthy that should go hand in hand with it, i struggle (immensely)

Damm you sugary goodness!
Jen on the other hand is like an extra terrestrial super being when it comes to ignoring the temptation of all those tasty treats that come with a side of cellulite! The girl has the will power of a wilder beast! And may i add this will power applies to much more that food, wether it be wearing a Santa Onsie for a month, living on a pound a day or spending four months training to compete as a body builder!
She is the King of Completion (that almost sounds dirty)

Now, I am pretty good at getting things done work, setting training goals etc etc, but when it comes to food... it usually goes a little bit like this.....

Ok im training hard, it's time to start eating clean, super healthy, body it a temple (bla bla bla ) no sweets! no chocolate! pass me the protein!

45 mins later...

Where. Is. That. Damm. Chocolate. Bar

Im not unhealthy by any means, my main meals are usually balanced, i always eat fruit and veg, but my big downfall is my sweet tooth! 
I always find as soon as i say too myself that i want to change the way i eat and go on a super healthy diet cutting out all the bad stuff, my want for sugar is uncontrollable... and even if i manage to stay away from the sugar until cheat day, cheat day gets out of hand! I usually try to consume as much sugar and grease as i possibly can and it is not PRETTY site!

So i find myself asking why do i put pressure on myself to try and stick to something that i clearly can sustain for any long period of time!
Yes of course eating super clean works for some people (like my beloved jen) but they don't for me! 

I reckon the reason when i tell myself that i cant have something or that i have to cut something out of my diet then i'm doomed from the outset, what if instead i focus on all the good things i need to include in my diet????

I feel ya JLAW

So here's the plan, iv constructed a list of "Essentials" that i need to eat everyday, these are things that appropriate to me and that will feed my lifestyle, will fit around my working hours and of course keep me healthy! 
And after i have complete or consumed all the things on my "Essentials" list i can have a lil bit of the good stuff! 

The ultimate goal being, focus on the good, still have a little bit of naught but keep it balanced!

My List of Essentials are:

3 Balanced Meals
- morning
- afternoon
- evening
(balanced meaning, protein, veg, healthy fats, complex carbs etc)
1-2 Protein Shakes
2-3 Litres of Water
2-3 Portions of fruit
2-3 Cups of Green Tea
Daily Vitamins (Mulit Vit, Green Tea Extract, Cod liver Oil)

After i have ticked of all the items on this list then i can have a bit of the bad stuff, limited to 200 calories (no prizes for guessing that mine will mainly be chocolate)

At the end of the day everyone is different, and we all have to find what works best for ourselves as individuals! Silly fad diets, starving ourselves or trying to stick to diets we cant sustain is only going to be miserable (and unhealthy)


I hope that these changes will help me curve my sweet tooth and i shall post to let you all know how i'm getting on (this will include body fat measurement's , maybe even a fitness test! boke!)

In the mean time check out @dearestdiaryuk on twitter and instagram where i shall be posting some mean healthy recipes and maybe even a pic of my treats! ohhh baby!

Happy Weekend

Coming soon, 20 Nigthclub Do's and Don'ts

ZJW xx

Dearest Diary,

Song of the day: N.E.R.D - She wants to move (on a Pharrell history trip tonight)

Today I am mainly: Getting back to business; work, blogging and protein aww yea

So i am back from Paris, (a wonderfully wonderful birthday present from my boyfriend) and i've joined the club, i am officially in love with Paris! It is incredible!

If you have been you will probably agree, but if you havent been i highly recommend it, every the fan of sounding cheesy, i must say it really is a city with something for every one! but instead of boring you my declaration of love for Paris and the sound of my post holiday depression heres some interesting pictures and some suggestions from myself and DB for you if you ever do decided to go....

1. Get your walking shoes on! 
We walked everywhere appose to getting the metro and im so glad we did, we got to roam the beautiful streets, see the wonderful buildings, find unusual shops and few random characters along the way, it also made me feel like i was burning of some of the macarons i was eating!

2. Do all the touristy things
They are popular for a reason....

3.  Bring a UK ID out and about
If you are between the ages of 18 and 26 and show an EU ID (driving licence, passport etc) you will get discounted or free entry to most museums/monuments, awesome if you are doing Paris on a budget (more money for shopping if your not)

4. Don't miss out the Sacre Coeur
Beautiful building, stunning view, lots of stairs!

5. Make an effort to speak French
if you can brush up on your basic French, we found people appreciated (us English speaking kids take this for granted) it and it also makes life a lot easier!

6. Also... get an audio guide if you head to the museums
We didn't, totally wish we did.

7. Take Photos and Selfies
They are always acceptable when you in a different area code, just go with it!

indulge and try try try, the boulangeries and patisseries are famous for a reason...



(Top macaron flavours 1.Apricot & lavender 2.Green Apple 3.Liquorice hmmmm yum )

9. Eat some more....
honestly the food is so good! and back to tip 1 when you roam the streets you will find lots of random little restaurants 

10. Do a bit of reading before hand and do it your own way
Its a city drenched in history with interesting facts and with endless things to do and see, so read up before you go and pick the things that are the most interesting to you, this is def a city you should do your own way :) 

 Back to porridge for me xx Au Revoir

Dearest Diary,

Song of the day: Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks 

Today I am mainly: heading off to Paris (Must pronounce in a French accent... Like so par-eeee)

This will be short and sweet as I'm sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to Paris... I hope your all jealous (this is my first holiday in 2 years, so I'm milking it like feck)

On my return I shall hopefully have lots of entertaining stories, tips and photos of food for you all, and I will probably have out on around 3 stone as a result of eating macarons for breakfast everyday!

Au Revoir, ZJW

Check out our instagram for updates

Dearest Diary,

Song of the day: The 1975 - Settle down
Today I am mainly: Going to see the 1975 whoop

Ok folks its been a while since you've heard any random useless banter from me and i apologise sincerely its been busy week and a bit, with multiple birthdays (my mothers birthday is the same day as mine, people who share a birthday with a family member will no the shizzle that comes with this), new puppies, Sochi 2014 viewing, listening to people in coffee shops, devising workout/eating plans, an unhealthy addiction to Womens Health (ironic?) etc etc etc... but i'm back and dragging a nice big update with me.... get ready!

But first of all.... can i just say well done JC and LK for two excellent blog updates last week, these two really make me giggle (that's why they are my best friends hehe) if you havent read them i command you to DO IT NOW.... (no but seriously they're good banter)

LK: 25 things to know before your 25
JC: Farts etc (dont pretend your to girly to relate to this)

So it was my burfday (must use adequate rapper style voice to say burfday)

and it looked a little like this...


But ended up looking more like this....


Twas bloody brilliant, probably the best b'day party i'v had in my 25years (im 25 boke)
so massive thank you to everyone who came, you all pretty dead on!
But LK you won the best costume prize, i have a ham sandwich and a fiver in my pocket for you!

On my actual birthday though... i actually sent the day with my chums Cli and Jemma on a pretty much cross country journey (yes we got lost) to collect this little prince....

Welcome to the crew Carter

awww everyone look at the puppyyyyy! he's so cute i just want to squeeeeeezzzeeeee himmmm!
(Carter is a beagle btw)

Aside from birthdays and puppies, i once again have developed some unusual and unhealthy addictions (i tend to do this quite often)

A. Olympic Fever strikes again
Much like London 2012, Sochi 2014 has me glued to the television/social media once again! One reason i find myself fascinated by the games is the fact i know feck all bout most winter sports and i like to learn, plus most of the events (and athletes) are simply spectacular!
But i also think my addiction is linked to the amount of bizarre and unusual issues/stories/images from the games (if you have been following the games you'll know exactly what i mean, if not google the points below)

Some of my favourite strange Sochi moments are:

- The German Prince who competes for mexico (below, the one in the weird suit)
- The really weird hotels and media twitter storm
- The Russian Speed Skater who nearly showed a boobie to the world when she unzipped 
- The Swedish Skier who's pants fell down (below)
- Double toilets in the athletes village (peeing with a mate takes a new level)
- The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team (they came last in the two man, but still, too cool)
- The bizarre style choices from some countries (below)
- The reports that there has been approx. 1000 football pitches worth of fake snow used



(wtf eh?)

B. Women's Health and Cosmopolitan on facebook

im probably a bit late getting on this ship but i 'liked' both of these pages this week and they are awesome banter, i think i've checked both pages for updates around 10 times a day since i started (see addicted) you'll find witty banter and intelligent shit alike on both!

For a taste click here:
Women's Health

(LIKE THEM do it... please)

And finally (i know this is long i apologise)

An update to over heard in coffee shops

if you follow, myself, us or @dearestdiaryuk on twitter you may have seen a tweet regarding us starting a "over heard in coffee shops" list (people are going to think i am such a creep but i can't help it and i also don't care)

i have two to add...

1. "im a Christian now, but i used to be addicted to heroin, oh and a bit of crack too, but yes now im a Christian" 

2. " yea well, I've been cautioned once for man slaughter" 

ponder those why don't you


Zoe J

p.s im still writing that darn eating plan and workout plan so i can get my shit together, will post soon!

pp.s my left butt cheek has died in the process of this, maybe this is a sign

Dearest Diary,

Song of the day: Shakira Ft Rihanna - Can't Remember To Forget You
Today I am mainly: drinking coffee and thinking about sweets (hmmm pick n mix)

Thinking out loud.... giving it in bullet points! deal with it...

1. The weather is mainly poop...
When is cold, wet and depressing outside and your feeling a bit meh... listen to 80s rock in the car in the mornings, i guarantee it will change any dreary mood to a good one, my personal preference is a bit of Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me  

Directions turn song on..... dance in a suitable white trash stripper style manner and proceed to happy land!

2. If Bruno Mars can do the splits why the feck cant i! 
Operation flexibility is now working hand in hand with get a bum like beyonces! Once i can complete the splits i will re-create Brunos 2014 Half Time splits (i'll even wear a sparkly jacket and do my hair cool) and upload it here! Watch this space babesssss...

3. Man Legging's on the rise! 
There has been chat about the rise of the man legging or megging for a few years now but i'm convinced 2014 is the year of the legging, as MR Anthony Kiedis showed us on sunday..... they have arrived and i like them (if you read my blurb in our 3 peas section you will know i bought my BF some for christmas click here) fan of the megging.... yeh or neh?

Round of applause for Mr Kiedis he's 51 for flip sake! I had a picture of him on my file when i was in school (yes i know weird crush, but i am a weirdo after all)

4. I still haven't got my Harry Potter costume for my own birthday party! help me! (ps i hope the rest of you are sorted)

5. I have decided that i am scared of the word DIET (it's bad for you) but it's about time i sorted my greasy greasy eating habits out! 
i am secretly a sweet and chocolate fiend and if you knew the truth about how much i can put away it would scare you! So i have come to the conclusion its about time i devised a suitable eating plan to keep me on the right side of a sugar overdose and i shall call it the demi diet! (feck i'm genius) 

Peace out People xx

Dearest Diary,

Today I am mainly: Preparing for Re-Freshers week in work (student overload whoop)

LK joins the dark side, one has a hangover then plans another one in Harry Potter fancy dress...

Well if you had of told me this time last year i would have attend the gym not once but twice with Miss Laurina Kennedy i would have told you to take your face for a... lovely time.

But again this Saturday morning i was joined in Peak Physique with LK, who also brought along mutual chum and Princess Palace dweller Miss Jayne Higgins, and we embarked on a courageous journey... end destination "get a butt like beyonce's" see below... i just want to lick it...

Hmmm isnt it nice! The girlies did supremely well, until we were joined by a freaky amount of young males, all working the t-shirt muscles to no end... 
I have a feeling someone close must of leaked the sensitive information that i was frequenting le gym with these two beauties (suspicious face)
But after they got over the initial shock of seeing up some boys short (there inncoent eyes where just not ready for that scene) they worked all the major muscle groups finishing of with some super planks!  
Keep tuned for more of this.....and maybe some bum progress ohhhh


We even matched clothes... how cute!

In other News this week...
One also had a hangover! (boke)
Seeing as i work in the nightclub industry most expect me to be a borderline alcoholic, but unfortunately i am not that cool, hanging out with my dog and watching Harry Potter usually takes up most of my nights off and seeing as i am massive light weight, terribly rude drunk and the fact i get on like the biggest ginny ann when i have a hangover my nights out on the drink are few and far between! Yesterday i was about to default to the dark side and join JC on her year of the booze! 

But in all my moaning, our outing on Sunday was awesome and all in honour of a Dearest Diary mutual bestie Miss Jemma Sergant...

This photo will probably give you an idea of just what kind of night we had...
Miss Jemma Sergant and i go back around 5 years back to the dawn of time (of well back to the dawn of Rain Nightclub we're we worked together) and seeing as i only get to see her beautiful boobies and face once in a while these days it was awesome to get a grope! lol! 

Tis the birthday season after all tho (more parties, more drink = bitter sweet lol)...... and i hit the big 25 in a few weeks time, and what better way to celebrate old age than getting on like a child muahahha.....

You are all invited but if you don't dress up there will be serious shit! LK and i have started a pinterest bored for ideas so no excuses bitches! Find it here
(yes we are pinterest creeps)

BTW when February 2015 comes along and i tell you i'm coming 25, just nod and agree!

Smell ya later xx

Dearest Diary,

Today I am mainly: Planking (the exercise that rhymes with....)

New Year, New Grind, New Gear

In this post i thought id share my obsession with buying gym clothes, but first lets discuss my saturday morning with LK

I promise i went easy....

I finally managed to accomplish what JC and i have been trying to do for 7 years! i got Laurnia Kennedy in to a gym (and i didn't drag her in)
Now i'm no PT, but after a short lived career in the fitness industry and a few years as a gym lover i know a think or two about the gym (my BF is also a personal trainer which helps a lot cough cough)
So i devised a simple/easy routine for us to do! After injuring my back in December i have been taking it easy in the gym so this is perfect timing for me to drag LK through some simple movements, with light weights and high reps? She'll be grand!

And i always to give credit where its due, hats of to LK she attacked the gym like a lion attacking a wilder beast... no complaining and she even hinted that she would return again next week!!! (hands slap face in shock home alone kid style)

*if you are interested in trying out any of this work out please seek advice from you lovely local fitness instructor or PT for correct technique etc etc we don't want you to hurt yourself/ oh look like a balloon in the gym! oj oj

QUE barrage of abuse on Sunday afternoon....

Out of a relaxing walk along the beach with Bo (usual sunday banter) when our Dearest Diary whatsapp group starts making an insane amount of dinging noises.... now I am a big fan of swearing and young LK couldn't of fitted another F Word in if she squeezed it in side ways! Long story short LK is neh to pleased with one as she cant squat towards the toilet BOOM welcome to DOMS BITCH!!

Anyway in relation to the aul gym clothes after Laurina and i squatted, lunged and bicep curled our hearts out we headed over to le Boucher Road to get LK some new sneaks (the ones she wore to the gym where 10years old no joke) 
After we collected a few items to add to laurina's kit bag she came into my world... "I know what you mean buying gym clothes really does make you want to go to the gym more"..... so technically its good for your health!  

Here's a really excited LK in sports direct>

Here's a peak at the damage iv done this month...

I love these legging there where a present from the BF! check out swedish brand Better 
Bodies Here!

This Nike running jacket and Nike Move Fit Trainer are from the Nike store in Junction One!

These legging's are from Pure Simple at JD Sports! i love them, stylish and cheap!

I picked up this running jacket from H&M for £34.99, its completely reflective! i might just wear it to the pub instead! check out their new sports range here!

My gym wish list is already the length of my arm, will post more soon!

but before I finish... this ones for you LK

Only Joking you did well Kennedy HIGH FIVE!

Au Revoir, ZJW

Dearest Diary,

Song of the day: Sampha - Happens (trying to sing along, not going well)
Today I am mainly: Blogging LOLS

Warning trainee approaching the blog....

First of all if your still reading after finding out that myself and fellow weirdo Jenny Curran were joining the party then thank you… and if you haven’t de-friended us after seeing that beautiful picture Laurina posted of us from circa 2000 and dickhead… then thank you again.

And Laurina…this is for you babes, totes sexy

Back to business…. As mentioned up top I am a blogging virgin so bare with me while I get to grips with this shizz, I am no stranger to social media but this blogging malarkey is on a different level!
Ms LK has already informed you about the type of things you can expect from me, style, gym banter, dogs, recipes, health, beauty, hair, food porn, sport fashion etc etc etc but i hope to throw the odd curve ball in there, I’ll keep the Harry Potter banter to a minimum (well until February muhahah)

For this rest of this post i'm going to keep it short and sweet...

January we all know January’s a crappy month, most of us have spent a small fortune on Christmas, drank and ate ourselves in to oblivion and it’s back to the hard grind of work, gym routines and dry January if you participating, plus is it just me or does January feel like it lasts about 131 days appose to 31!
But the point of this is not letting the mythical “January blues” get you down, use this month as a month for change and use your time to find random things to do that you wouldn’t usually… I read in another blog that January is Unofficial Ryan Gosling Month… did someone say girly movie night????

1.    Blogging (cough cough)
2.    Introducing tyre flipping in my workouts, boom #iamatank
3.    Hike up the Mourne Mountains with Bo (if it would so kindly stop pissing it down in NI)
4.    Cooking up a greasy American style storm, hmmm did someone say mac and cheese (yea i'm not doing a January diet)
5.    Planning my next holiday
6.    Awaiting my fear challenges from Jenso #scareyourselfdduk

What are you going to do?

Stay tuned for my next post “New Year, New Grind, New Gear”

Au Revoir, ZJW

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