3 Peas in a Pod

We are the original princesses of the Princess Palace and  here is a little about ourselves.

Laurina Kennedy
Age: 25
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

I love making lists.  Here is a list about me.

1) I didn't shop for the year of 2013. Was I crazy? Most definitely.

2) Crisps always make my tummy feel better.

3) I love organising things so much, I made it my career as a PA for a Fashion Agent.

4) Last years challenge opened my eyes and introduced to brands, styles and looks outside my comfort zone.

5)  I am crap at spelling. I would bow at the feet of the person who invented spell check.

6) I love sitting in the shower.

7) I finally like wine! (even if it is with a lot of sprite in it. We are getting there!)

8) I love books.

9) I have an underwear fetish.

10) I am not sure what this year will bring for me but I am looking forward to it.

Zoe J Watson

Age: 24

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Lists are good, lets stick with lists

1) I’m probably most well known among friends for my ‘Bitchy Resting Face’

2)  Or for my abnormally long fingers... (and toes)

3) I LOVE the gym, but… I bloody hate extreme diets, long live chocolate!

4) Warning I am a dog lover, mines called Bo ,you shall meet him

5) I am a HUGE Harry Potter Geek (I love I share with LK)

6) I collect Vogue Magazines, I started in 2000.... shit loada Vogue

7) Unlike my seasoned blogger chum Laurina and Journalist comrade Jenny I am a writing/blogging virgin! Ekks!

8) Feck giving shit up, this year I decided I would gain something attempt to learn French (I am yet to figure out how, well apart from an app on my phone)

9) I made play, work by choosing a career in the nightclub industry

10) My boyfriend and I bought each other leggings for Christmas, no joke!

Jennifer Anne Mildred Curran
Age: 26

Location: Melbourne

1) Birds make me simultaneously want to scream and vomit.

2… I’m really fond of this method of punctuation … the “ellipsis”.

3) Finding spelling mistakes in menus makes me really happy.

4) I am 100% addicted to coffee despite desperate attempts not to be

5) I have a heart shaped freckle on my cheek (bum bum)

6) I met my boyfriend though competing as a bodybuilder.

7) I love looking at dessert porn especially now…I have gone off alcohol, chocolate, crisps and sweets for ONE year.

8) Reading books is a process for me, a long and pleasing one. AVG 1/year

9) I have many favourite words, one of which is surreptitious (not just because the word tit appeals to my inner 12 year old boy).

10) I still don’t know my lefts and rights.

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