Thursday, 27 February 2014


Your daily dose of semi nude man


Date Night ideas that might just set your loins burning for your lover once more.

Clickhere for some options to keep it interesting folks, and i'm not talking leather and lashings (gutter brains!!)

p.s think i may just make this my screen saver
p.p.s jokes
p.p.p.s obv i'll make my boyfriend my screen saver ;)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Zoe J: We will always have Paris.

Zozo is away for Paris.

Let us all be jealous & hope she has a horrible time. Nah! We only joking!!!........well kind off.

 Follow her on Zozo

Thursday, 20 February 2014

LMKtoday: getting back to fashion

It's me!! Taking stupid selfies, talking about clothes that I like and am now able to buy! Trying to get out of my lazy routine & wear more exciting outfits rather than the same boring skater dress 3 days in a row.

Come into my wardrobe again.  Everything is colour coded & sorted by style. 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Spank Jim Carrey or marry Bradley from SClub 7?

Seems the common thread for me is airing all my deepest, darkest inner secrets right here click in and have a nosey
oh yeah and I may also have discovered the secret to making these come true. It only took me 13 years. Believe it or not the man who held the answers, Jim Carrey!

No Jim...Spank you! 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Zoe J: Yea but, its my birthday so i'l do whatever the feck i like

Only joking, i got my shit together and wrote a blog,

Warning mild references to birthdays, puppies, Sochi 2014, facebook and listening to people in coffee shops!
who's weirder? me for listening or them... for being weird
Click here

You know you have a BEST friend when she draws on her face for you... see the vid on my instagram @zoejwatson
(and incase your wondering, this is a screen shot of LKs phone, yes our bums are her backround, she has Jenny is in her phone as skinny bitch, me as The Boss, and our wats app group is called "smells delish zo'... hopefully that answers most questions you could have)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

LMK Today: 25 things to know by the time you are 25.


It is I. Laurina Margaret Kennedy.  (that is where the M comes from if you ever wondered.) It was a fellow Dearest Diary blogger, writer and bitch birthday at the weekend, Miss Zoe J Watson! Happy Birthday Zoey Hoey!

I love you as much as we love Harry Potter which is alot. This was us on Friday night.  I am obviously in the mask (what I look like without make up)

In keeping in the spirit of Birthdays I have wrote a post on 25 things you should know by the age of 25. Check it out here. Click me!!!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

do something...

i got all proactive and instead of giving something up for 'FEB FAST' (have a nosey it's an aussie tradition) I decided to do something. Considering if you check out my '3 peas in a pod' section i've basically sacrificed my taste buds and alcohol for the year, this i time i decided not to go without but to go WITH! Have a wee jeff juke (look for all you non cockneys) Read here on Jenso

Listen to Nike 

Check out my old friend the bird :0